Accepting an invite to join a team on PlayyOn is very easy!  Follow these steps to be up and running in no time! 

STEP 1: Once you have received an email invite from your coach/manager. Click the blue “Join Team” button to create your PlayyOn account. You will be redirected to the team page. (If you didn't get an email invite, just go to and go to step two).

STEP 2: If you are already signed up to PlayyOn, click “LOGIN”, otherwise click “SIGN UP”.

STEP 3: Fill in all the required information and click the blue “CHECK IT OUT” button (red arrow). Alternatively, you can connect via Facebook if you so choose to (green arrow)

A pop-up will appear with three card options. As an athlete, select the “Player or Parent” card (red circle).

STEP 4: You will then be taken to an introduction screen where you can set up your profile (red arrow) As you are invited to a team, that is taken care of. Click the blue “LET’S GO” button.

STEP 5: You can set up your profile by filling in the required information and then at the bottom, click the blue “SAVE” button (red arrow). Have a play around, change your photo, add all interesting information about yourself! 

STEP 6: You have the capacity to search for your organization and/or any organization, team, event or athlete within PlayyOn. In the search bar, type in the search word/s you are wanting (red circle). This will bring up matching possibilities within PlayyOn of relating matches. Click on the desired match (red arrow). This will take you to the organization’s page. Select follow and/or favorite (green arrows) to receive notifications from them. 

At this stage, you are ready to go!  Now all your administrative issues can be centralized through PlayyOn and save you and your coaches time.

Good luck for the season! Have a play around with our software and you have any feedback, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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