This guide will take you through a step-by-step guide on creating a team registration. We recommend having set up your organization page and teams before you begin setting up registrations. 

Once you are logged in, click on registrations down the left hand, vertical menu bar. 

To begin creating registrations, click the blue button that says “ADD NEW”. This will open up PlayyOn’s 7 step registration builder. 


PlayyOn has a number of registration templates available, which gives your organization great flexibility to create what you need at any time. As this example is a team registration, click that on the top left hand side. This will be automatically bring you to the next step.

STEP 2: PAGE This is where you decide what team is requiring a registration. Click the card of that and you will automatically be moved to the next step.


Here is where you enter all the primary information needed for the registration. The over 18 and under 18 choice is dependent on the age of the registrants. The difference is that the ‘under 18’ option will provide you a form template that collects information from the participant as well as a guardian, while the ‘over 18’ will be only the participant (Red circle) The registration title can be whatever you choose. PlayyOn auto-fills the box with a potential possibility (green arrow). To include the organizer contact information, click on the blue plus sign (red arrow).

This will bring down a box for you to include the essential information such as name, phone number and email. 

Registration dates is the timeframe your registration is open to accepting sign-ups, until the end date you require all your customers to be registered by. Simply click on the box under ‘REGISTRATION OPEN’ (red arrow). This will create a calendar pop up, from which you select the appropriate date (red circle). Do this for ‘REGISTRATION CLOSED’ as well.  

You can add a description or important information that registrants need to know (red circle). There is the option to attach documents to the registration as well. Click the blue ‘ADD NEW’ button (red arrow) and select from your personal files.   

At the bottom is registration groups. Here you can create as many subgroups as required. Click on the dropdown and select the number you need (red arrow). When you are happy with the information click on the white ‘NEXT’ button to move on (green arrow).


Here is where you decide how to price your registrations, as well as personalize the groups outlined previously. Name each option with their group title (red arrow) and then select the payment method from the list below; 'No Payment', 'One Time Fee, Deposit' + 'Installments' (red circle). 

There is an option to add restrictions if needed. Click on the blue ‘Restrictions’ tab to bring a drop down table (red arrow). Fill out any restriction required (red circle). 

You also have the opportunity to add on extras such as apparel, equipment, or a donation. Just click add ‘ADD NEW’ and fill out the required information in the pop up box (red arrow). When you are happy with the information click on the white ‘NEXT’ button to move on (green arrow).

  Select the currency you want to deal in (red circle) If you need to add taxes (such as GST or Sales Tax) this option is available by clicking ‘ADD’ and filling out the pop up box (red arrow). 

There are four choices for accepting payment. Select as many that work for your organization (red circle). If credit card is one of your collection options, you need to create a new account with Stripe, PlayyOn’s trusted merchant partner. This option will appear when you click on credit card (red arrow). You will be taken to Stripe's website to fill in the necessary information. Stripe is a global leader in online payment processing and is both safe and secure. Once completed you will be directed back to your registration page, just select your new account. Click the white ‘NEXT’ button to move on (green arrow). 


The form is used to gather information from your players and/or parents. PlayyOn has provided you a template that includes the most common fields of information that you would need to gather from your registrants. All you need to do is add or remove the form fields you want to collect from the registrants. To add fields, click on the desired button on the left hand side (red arrow). This will automatically put them into the form. 

Once in the form, you can manipulate each field. Hover over the chosen field, 2 icons will appear. The arrows allow you to move the order of the fields (red circle). The pencil allows you to make edits to the field (red arrow), such as making it a required field or deleting it (see second screenshot). When you are happy with the form click the white ‘NEXT’ button to continue (green arrow).


Preview your registration by clicking the ‘PREVIEW’ button (red arrow). When your ready to begin telling people about your registration, click the box ‘Send Invites’ to send the link out to your customers (red circle).

Select the team the registration is for by clicking on the arrow under ‘EMAIL REGISTRATION TO’ (red arrow).If some intended registrants do not have PlayyOn accounts yet, you can manually add their email in the section, ‘MANUALLY ADD RECIPIENTS’ (red circle). When you are happy with the form click the white ‘FINISH’ button to continue (green arrow).

You now have a registration ready to go! If you need to make changes, you can do so by clicking 'manage' on the registration screen. 

Well done on creating your registration! If you have any specific questions or queries, please do hesitate to contact the PlayyOn Team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom left of your screen. We will be more than happy to help you out. Good luck!

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