Forgetting your password and having to retrieve/reset it is a hassle. Luckily, PlayyOn makes this really easy to fix. Follow this process to get your account up and running again in a speedy fashion. 

STEP 1: Once you have typed in the wrong password, or have forgotten it, click the blue ‘Forgot you password’ link. This will direct you to the password retrieval page. 

STEP 2: Type in your email address in the box provided (red circle). Make sure it is correct and then click continue (red arrow).

A pop up will appear requesting you to check your email inbox. Click ‘OK’, then open your email.

STEP 3: The PlayyOn team would have sent you a password reset request email. Open it. Click on the blue link, ‘Reset your password’. This will automatically open a new tab on your browser.

STEP 4: You now have the opportunity to select a new password. This will need to be entered twice (red circles). Once you are happy with your new password, click the blue 'Set New Password’ button (red arrow).

Once completed, PlayyOn will let you know that your password rest was successful. Click the blue ‘Login’ link to make sure it works. This will take you back to the PlayyOn login page. 

 STEP 5: Enter your email and new password that you have just chosen (red circle). Then click the blue ‘Login’ button.

That is it. Your personal dashboard should be open on your screen.

You are now ready to go! If you have any specific questions or queries, please do hesitate to contact the PlayyOn Team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom left of your screen. We will be more than happy to help you out. Good luck!

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