The goal of this post is to have you build a home page upon which you can add registrations, schedules, news announcements and digital media.

Step 1:  Click on the "Sign Up" blue button on top right.  It will open a fill in box where you put in your name, email and a password.

Step 2:  Next click on the 'Manager' account (far left option) and it will launch you into the Manager dashboard.

Step 3:  Click on the "Lets Go" button to start your homepage.  This will open up a page that will help you design your Home Page.

Step 4:  Start by changing your logo that will be used at various places within PlayyOn.  Click on 'Change Photo" and then upload a photo (.jpg).  Note:  It doesn't have to be a fancy logo.  If you don't have one, just add a photo that represents your 'brand'.  In this example, I just used a picture of a tennis racket and ball.

Step 5:  You might also want to change the name of your page that will be displayed under the Logo as well as your PlayyOn URL.  When done, don't forget to click "SAVE".

Step 6:
 Once you have changed your logo, it will take ask you to 'Design Your Page Header".  This is the big picture on your front Page.   Before you add your photo, first (#1 Red Arrow).   Add a 'Headline".  As you Type, the words appear on the right hand side.

Then go to "Add a Photo" (#2 Red Arrow).  You can either upload a photo that is on your computer.  Click o the blue "BROWSE" button.    You have done that before.   

OR you can click on the other tap entitled 'Search Unsplash Photos".  These are free photos for anyone to use.   Just type in a 'keyword', i.e.: Tennis, and it will provide several photos you can choose.  Once you click on one, don't forget to hit the blue button  "SAVE"

Step 7: You are essentially done creating the important visuals to get you going initially.    You can hit save, scroll to the top and return to Manager Dashboard, OR you can continue on with adding more content like:

DESIGN YOUR SHOWCASE (which are photos, video's or links that you want to include to show your programs and/or brand).

FILL IN YOUR ABOUT US (this gives a little overview of your program/event, etc)

ADD YOUR SPONSORS (if you have any)

ADD ADDITIONAL INFO (contact information for bottom of page so that people can see who the organizer/contact is).  

Don't forget to click "SAVE".

YOU ARE FINISHED! Use the left hand vertical menu to navigate back to your dashboard.

If you want to see what your Organization Page looks like to your customers click on the Left hand vertical menu.  Click on the ORGANIZATION tab.

This launches your Organization Toolbox.  Click on the 'VIEW' button on the top right.

This will provide a preview of what your page will look like to the public. Keep in mind, your customers will not see your Manager menu's. 

You are ready to go. User the left hand menu to return to your Dashboard, 'Step 2: Invite your Coaches' will be open in your Getting Started Guide. 

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