First things first,  there are a few terms your going to want to learn to ensure you set up your PlayyOn page correctly on the first try. 

Organization - This is the Club, Company, or School, which all your teams or programs run under.

Team or Program Page - These have their own page on the Parent website. A Program or Team page has it's own subpages that include schedule, photos and news. You can add Coaches to each Team Page to give others administrative access to these pages. Team or Program Pages make it easy for you to communicate with a group of participants (and/or parents) at once.

Registration - This is how you get people to sign up for your Teams or Programs, A registration allows you to make a custom form for your potential customers to fill in online. You can also collect online payments if you wish. You can add more then one registration to a Team or Program page. This comes in handy if you have different divisions within your programs or teams. You will get a separate list of registrants for each registration you create.

Registration Groups - This are predominately used for different pricing within a registration. For example if you have different costs for new vs. returning participants. Or if you have a discount for a second child.

Ok so now that you understand the basics, let's get started. It's important that you think through the hierarchy of your organization. We suggest drawing it out on paper. 

Example 1: For this first example we have a very basic Volleyball Club:  

As you can see, Vancity Volleyball is the organization. Vancity Volleyball has two programs a boys and a girls. Attached to each program they have a registration so they can accept sign ups and payment for each program.

Example 2:  Vancity Volleyball began to grow they added in a competitive program.  

Because their club is still small all their competitive players also played in their recreational league, so Vancity Volleyball just created two registrations for the same team pages.

Example 3: About a year later, Vancity Volleyball had really began to grow. They now have two very distinct programs for competitive and recreational, that have their own schedules, news, and sign up times. 

Because of this, the manager will want a separate Team or Program Page for each of the teams; boys Recreational, boys competitive, girls recreational and girls competitive.

Pro Tip: You can easily duplicate a registration! Because his girl and boys recreational program costs the same, he can just duplicate this registration then add it to a different team page! 

Example 4: Vancity Volleyball is still growing and lots of their players are returning. To encourage customers to come back year after year, he offers returning players a discount. They can easily set this up under 'registration groups'.

PRO TIP: We highly recommend using the duplicate registration function for divisions, age groups or skill level. This will save you time so you don't have to put in the same payment info for multiple registration groups. 

Our team is always here to lend a hand! If you'd like help mapping our your organization email us at [email protected]!

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