There are quite a few places you can download your Player's and Parents data within PlayyOn. 

  1. Your People List
  2. Your Registrant List 
  3. An Individual Registration
  4. Rosters 
  5. Schedules 
  6. Your Stripe account (if applicable)

Downloading from your People list will only download the individuals primary contact information. It will not download and registration information, as each person may eventually have many registrations. Use your people list if you just want to export primary info! 

Downloading from your Registrant list, will download all registration and payment data from all of your registrants. This will include any advanced or custom fields you have created including waivers, e-signatures, ect. 

Downloading from the Individual Registration will only download that specific persons registration. 

Downloading from a Team Roster, will download the Players name, parent (if applicable) phone number and email, as well as jersey number and position if input into the roster. 

Downloading the schedule allows you or you players (and parents) to download an print physical copies on your schedules. (Note; you can also sync PlayyOn calendars to personal calendars! Learn more here.

If you choose to create and connect a Stripe Account, you will have a Stripe Dashboard with a variety of reports you can download. Learn more about Stripe reports here. 

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