STEP 1: In your left hand vertical navigation click on "Events"

STEP 2: Click on the orange "Add New" button in the top right of your events list

STEP 3: Choose which team will be 'hosting' this event. The host is the team who's calendar the scheduled event will show up on. 

STEP 4: Choose "games and practices" from the drop down for event type. 

Note: Currently a Organization cannot host a game or practice. If you do organization wide meets or practices, choose your org  in STEP 3 then choose 'other' event in STEP 4

STEP 5: This will open up a quick scheduler for easily inputting games and practices. You will be able to define whether the each date is a game or practice, location, date, time. They also have optional fields like opponent, RSVP's, and notes. 

STEP 6: Hit 'Done' and your schedule will be created. 

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