Events are any item you put in your calendar, a schedule is a group of these calendar items. Every Event you create, will be linked to a 'host' this host determines what schedule the Event will show up in.


  • Every event gets it's own landing page within your site

  • Create multiple schedules linked to different teams or programs

  • Easily add or edit team schedules from anywhere with your smartphone 

  • Allow Players and/or Parents to sync their team schedule with their favorite calendar system ( iCal, Google Calendar ) 

  • Allow for game and practice RSVP's and availability tracking

  • Add full registrations to events like Camps, Clinics or Tournaments


A team schedule gives you an overview of every upcoming activity pre-team. Team Players and Parents automatically see team events in their "My Calendar" and can hit 'subscribe' to connect their Playyon Calendar to their calendar of choice, such as iCal or Google Cal. Schedules can be viewed  in a list or calendar style display.


Event pages are great when you have a big event coming up like a tournament or a fundraiser where you need to provide your players and parents extra information about an event. They can also have a registration attached to them, to collect any information you need from your guests. Registrations can be as simple as name and email or as complicated as having multiple options with varying price points. 

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