Once you've set up your PlayyOn Manager Portal, you will be able to take advantage of all the CRM (Customer Management System) features that PlayyOn has to offer. We call this your PEOPLE. In this article we will highlight some of the most popular CRM features. 


  • Access people's digital file folder  

  • Store past registrations and payment info

  • Send group messages segmented by teams or type

  • Download data segmented by team or type

  • Easily bulk add players to rosters 

  • Access public people pages


This is a list of everyone associated with your organization. You will see 5 different types of tags; Manager, Coach, Parent, Player and Follower.  You can use the filter on the top of your list to filter by type.  You can also click the search icon to open a search bar and search for a specific name. From here you can do bulk actions by selecting multiple people and sending a message, adding them to teams and download contact information.

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