Before you remove any registrations you'll want to be sure that you are removing the correct registrations. Once removed, there is no way to undo or recuperate this registration and your customer will have to sign up again.

Also, if the customer has made any sort of payment, you will need to manage any applicable refunds via cash, cheque or credit via Stripe. 

Only this specific registration information will be removed, any other registrations or information connected to this account will remain. 

Here's how to remove a registration;

STEP 1:  Go to the 'Registrations' tab on the left hand vertical menu.

STEP 2:  Select the relevant registration by hitting the 'manage' gear icon

STEP 3: Click on ‘Registrant List’ in Management Toolbox.

STEP 4: Choose the registration you want to remove by clicking on their name.

STEP 5: Click on 'delete' in the right corner. 

A pop up will appear to confirm. Click the blue ‘OK’ button to finish. This will only delete this registration and not any other registrations by this same customer. 

Congratulations, you have successfully deleted a registration. Feel free to reach out with any other queries or continue to look through the help guide. Good luck with the season!  

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