For Managers; Choose which calendar you want to Sync first.

a) Your personal calendar - top right corner of your top toolbar.
b) Your organization's calendar (under the events tab)
c) A single team's calendar (under the teams tab, select the gear icon beside the chosen team, select schedule from the left hand side of your Toolbox)

  • Once you are on that calendar's page, You will see a group of drop down filter on the top right corner of your calendar 
  • Hit Subscribe
  • Choose which items you want to sync with your external calendar ( ical, google calendar, ect)

The next steps will be dependent on what calendar you use, but will similar to the following steps

  • You will be asked or prompted to open your preferred calendar 
  • Click "Open Calendar' 
  • It will ask you to enter the URL you want to subscribe to. Your PlayyOn calendar link should already be automatically populated here. 
  • Hit 'Subscribe' 
  • Next you will be able to adjust your setting, We recommend setting Auto-Refresh to at least 'every hour' so that your always have the most up to date info in your personal calendar. 
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