There are several ways in which you can add a coach to a your organization and teams.

  • You can upgrade a member of your organization who is either an athlete or a parent.
  • You can search for someone who has a profile on PlayyOn and add them as a coach of your team.
  • If they do not have a PlayyOn account, you can add their name and email address which will invite them to accept to be a coach.

Let’s look at each of these scenarios and then what a coach can do. 


STEP 1:  Click on ‘People’ on the left-hand navigation bar

 STEP 2: Narrow down the number of people you have to scroll through by selecting the type of person you are looking for. Click on ‘All Type’ (red arrow) and select the type you want. In this example it will be a parent and so click on ‘Parents’ (red circle).

Once here, find the person you are looking for (red circle) and click the blue ‘Manage’ icon next to their name (red arrow). 

STEP 3:  Once open on the manage parent page, click the blue ‘Promote to Coach’ button (red arrow). 

A pop up will ask you to confirm if this is what you want to do. Click the blue ‘OK’ button (red arrow).

STEP 4:  Head back to the ‘People’ section on the left hand navigation bar. Then view only the coaches. Once you are here, select the box next to the coach you just added (red arrow), and then click the blue ‘Add To’ button (red circle) 

A pop up will appear with the different teams that are associated with the organization. Select the team you wish them to coach. A tick will appear on the team selected (red circle).Then click the blue ‘Add’ button (red arrow).

STEP 5:  Now when you visit the team page, you will see the new coach associated to the team (red circle).


STEP 1: From the dashboard click on ‘Teams’ on the left-hand navigation bar.

STEP 2:  Click on the blue ‘Manage’ icon next to the team you want to add a new coach to.

STEP 3: In the Management Toolbox select the blue ‘Manage Coaches’ button (red arrow).

When the new page opens, click the blue ‘Add New’ button (red arrow). This will bring on a pop up.

STEP 4: This window is where you can add coaches who have PlayyOn accounts and those who do not.  Coach with PlayyOn account:  Type the name of the person you wish to add as a coach. If they have a profile their name will pop up. You can select them (red arrow) and once you do their card will be added (see picture 2).

You can add more coaches for the same team in one go by restarting the last step. Coach without PlayyOn account:
Type the coaches name in the provided area (red arrow). Then type their email address in the space it asks for below (green arrow). Select the blue ‘Add To List’ button (red circle).


Now you can click the blue ‘Add Selected Coaches’ (red arrow). This will add the two coaches to the team you chose. 

Now let’s take a look into what administrative abilities a coach has. Before we do, let’s go back to the first coach we entered, the parent. The below pictures show what his page looks like before (top photo) and after being promoted to a coach (bottom photo). 

As can be seen there is a lot more the coach profile. The administrative abilities I will list below and hyperlink the help guides to each. From the coaches profile you are now able to:
Create registrations (red arrow)    
Create events (green arrow)
Create a new team (yellow arrow)  

Well done! You have successfully added a new coach to your team and given them administrative abilities. If you have any specific questions or queries, please do hesitate to contact the PlayyOn Team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom left of your screen. We will be more than happy to help you out. Good luck!

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