STEP 1: On your managers dashboard there is a calendar. Click on the date which you want the recurring event to happen. In this example it is going to be on Friday September 15, so click on that date (red circle). Then click on the blue plus sign (red arrow) to create a new event.  

STEP 2: Chose who is hosting the event (red circle). Is it a team, or your organization? Then chose what type of event it is going to be (red arrow). In this example it will be a skills practice for the Women’s 1st XV. Once you are happy click the blue ‘Next Step’ button (green arrow).

STEP 3: Create an event title, select whether you want the event to be public or private, and then enter the location you wish the event to be held. Once you are happy with what you have entered. Click the blue ‘Create’ (red arrow) button.

STEP 4: To create repeating events, click the box next to ‘Repeat Event’ (red arrow). This will open up specific information for you to enter.

Choose the information that is required for your repeat event. In this example,  The skills practice takes place every second Friday over the course of 10 weeks. So ‘Weekly’ is selected, under 'Repeats' (red circle). ‘2’ is selected under ‘Repeats Every’ (Green circle), as this is repeating every 2 weeks. Lastly, ‘5’ is selected under ‘Occurrences’ (blue circle)

Next, enter the date that the first event will be on, and the start plus end time. Lastly make sure the location is correct. Once you are happy with all the information entered, click the blue ‘Save’ button (red arrow).

STEP 5: Congratulations! You have now created your repeat event. Make sure the information is correct for when the event is repeated (red circle). You can also click the green ‘ Yes’ button if you are attending the event (green arrow). If you need to edit the event details, this can be done by clicking the blue ‘Manage’ button at the top right of your screen (red arrow). 

You are now ready to go! If you have any specific questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the PlayyOn Team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom left of your screen. We will be more than happy to help you out. Good luck!    







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